• Welcome to Thinkerstar Preschool
    (Where STARs shine Brightly & Glow)

    Thinkerstar Preschool is a childcare center which prides itself in providing a fun,
    memorable and enjoyable learning journey for our STARs in the making under our passionate care.

  • Welcome to Thinkerstar Preschool
    (Where STARs shine Brightly & Glow)

    We aim to provide quality holistic education by ensuring a safe,
    hygienic, nurturing and positive environment for children to excel and staff to work in.

  • Welcome to Thinkerstar Preschool
    (Where STARs shine Brightly & Glow)

    We cater to children ranging includes children from 18 months to 6 years old
    and are open from Monday- Friday from 7am-7.30pm.

About Thinkerstar Preschool

Thinkerstar Preschool believes that every child is a unique individual 'star' which will shine brightly and glow wherever they go. Each 'Thinkerstar' will be given an equal opportunity in different areas of development to excel and perform at their own pace.

We emphasize and instill positive life values to our young generation through a caring and conducive environment. Respect and kindness are our daily essentials. Through our creative curriculum and dedicated staff, Thinkerstar Preschool holds firmly in its promise to deliver a holistic education.

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Latest Happening

Children's Day Celebration
Children's Day Event was celebrated on 5 October 2015.A dedicated team of teachers at Thinkerstar Preschool led this joyous event with fun games and adventures. [more]
Mooncake Celebration
Mooncake Festival was celebrated on 23 September 2015. The history of the Mooncake Festival's origins was shared through different mediums such as songs, storybooks and clips on YouTube in both English & Chinese language... [more]