Latest Thinkerstar Event

05 Oct

Children's Day Celebration

Children's Day Event was celebrated on 5 October 2015.A dedicated team of teachers at Thinkerstar Preschool led this joyous event with fun games and adventures. Children came in their party clothes to celebrate a of nonstop fun. Game Stations were set up for children to have fun and express themselves freely. Some of the games included Dance Station, Musical Chairs, Balloon Hockey, Relay and many more exciting activities. Even their meal (Macaroni White Sauce with carrot & Brocoli / Homemade sugar free jelly) was specially prepared by our Center's Chef Aunty Mooi.

23 Sep

Mooncake Celebration

Mooncake Festival was celebrated on 23 September 2015. The history of the Mooncake Festival's origins was shared through different mediums such as songs, storybooks and clips on YouTube in both English & Chinese language. Children got a chance to view a full process of how to make a mooncake using snowskin readymade flour and red bean paste in a live demonstration by the Team of Thinkerstar Preschool Educators. Afterwhich, children across levels were given the opportunity to engage in Mooncake making. They ate the extras during Teabreak and brought home at least 2 Mooncakes for their parents. ☺

04 Sep

Teacher's Day Celebration & Staff Training

Teachers had a humble dinner to celebrate Teacher's Day at Seoul Garden @ Northpoint on 4 September 2015. It was a warm gathering where the team enjoyed their dinner over laughter and appreciation for each other.

During the centre's closure between 7-9 September 2015, teachers attended 2 workshops relating to Urinary Tract Infection Awareness Talk and Fire Safety. It was conducted by Alchemy & Fire Prevention Department which took place at the center. Followed by Term 4 Curriculum planning discussion the team engaged on for half a day. This allowed the opportunity for teaching staff to review and evaluate the curriculum and teaching styles. ☺

06 Aug

National Day Celebration

Singapore's Birthday celebration was held on 6 August 2015 by the Thinkerstar Preschool. National Anthem, Pledge and songs were sung proudly by the children and staff here. During this event we reminded each other on the importance of Racial Harmony and coming together to stay and be as one strong nation. Each class took turns to perform for their peers and teachers base on the ethnic culture in Singapore (Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western).